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About Starfish Stories

Everyone loves a good story.  We all want to be inspired and we enjoy being entertained.
The world needs inspired people who want to help others.
Starfish produces and promotes films and stories to inspire more "forever families".  

Families that love at a different level and put that love in action in the world around them.

Families who will lean in to help vulnerable children and their parents through foster care, adoption, mentoring or by supporting those who do. Not everyone is called to foster or adopt, but everyone can do a little.









Marc Harper
Founder & Chief Star Thrower

What began as showing movie clips to his youth group for illustrations turned into a career of

working with films and churches for more than 25 years. Marc has helped promote and distribute movies like I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, SOUL SURFER, COURAGEOUS, FIREPROOF, END OF THE SPEAR and many more.
After seeing the film MULLY, Marc and his wife Ceitci Demirkova-Harper started Starfish Stories to focus on films to 
inspire more foster parents and adoptive families, "forever families".



"This is How We Family"

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